Do I need a Breastfeeding Wardrobe?

Do I need a Breastfeeding Wardrobe?

The short answer is No, The long one depends on what you want from your breastfeeding experience!

A few basic bits will make you feel comfortable breastfeeding and confident in your new post-natal body. It is the one question mum's always ask me, what can I wear breastfeeding.

Have a look at your wardrobe first whilst pregnant and think about how easily you can unhook your nursing bra and get a baby access to your boob. Practice with a doll if you want to try out different options!

Basics First

A few simply bits will get your started breastfeeding comfortably. Remember you may be at home for the first few weeks, bra-less and in your pajama's, so you don't need to panic about having a range of options straight away. Your boobs also change shape once your milk comes in and this can alter your look.

A good nursing bra and a few breastfeeding vests will ensure you are covered for the first few weeks. 

Special Occasion

There will undoubtedly be a time when you need to dress up whilst breastfeeding and you may need an outfit for a party, wedding or christening.

A great option when breastfeeding is a wrap dress that you can either button down or can wrap around with a belt. The benefit of these types of dress if you are pumping they will also be suitable.  Just ensure these dresses fit when your boobs are full with milk, so try timing trying on before you do a feed. 

If you choose or want to wear a formal suit instead, then think about wearing a loose top or vest under a suit jacket.

What is the one Up one Down Method?

This just means wearing 2 layers of clothing. Our Breast Vest is ideal for this. So you wear a Breast Vest which doesn't cover your nursing bra and then another top over this, so a sweater, hoody or cardigan. When you pull up your sweater to feed, the vest is still covering your tummy. This gives easy access to feed your baby and also offers discretion if you are feeling uncomfortable or anxious about breastfeeding in public.

Other Options

Loose fitting t-shirts, shirts with buttons, long cardigans, poncho's or shawls all work well when breastfeeding. Some of these you may already have so it is just about thinking and re-imaging how they will work for breastfeeding. 

Post-partum in the first few weeks will mean you just want to feel comfortable, so think leggings, soft clothing like cotton, pajamas tops with buttons or a nightdress with a boob opening. You don't need to worry too much about style until you are figuring your body out. Do what works for you and be happy with it. You won't be a mum in leggings forever!



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